CEE Cloud Solution Provider Booster Incentive Campaign

FY20 May/June – Indirect Provider

Earn more with CSP Booster Incentive Campaign
Receive 2,5% incentive award for billed revenue coming from CSP sales during the Program effective period (May 1, 2020 –June 30, 2020).

Eligible products:
All products available in monthly and annual billing* in CSP Program

Minimum pay-out amount for Participant is set at: 200 USD. If Participant accrues less than the minimum pay-out amount, Participant will forfeit the unpaid rebate amount.​
Maximum pay-out amount for Participant is set at: 12 000 USD.​

If you are the CSP Indirect Provider with MPN location(s) in CEE and you are eligible to the global CSP Incentive Program – you will be enrolled in this Incentive Campaign automatically. Only Partners with MPN locations in EU/EFTA but not in CEE, need to register by contacting with erebates@microsoft.com.

Launch: May 01, 2020
End: June 30, 2020

Payment: Eligible partners who earned incentive will be paid within 90 days of the conclusion of the relevant payment period. ​

In case of any doubts, get in touch with your Microsoft Partner Development Manager. If it is not possible, please e-mail at: erebates@microsoft.com.
All details, including eligibility criteria, are described in Terms & Conditions
This program is running on top of other incentive programs that partner is eligible for.

Campaign Guide

*In case of billed revenue coming from CSP sales in annual billing, incentive award will be applied only for customers (tenants) that did not have monthly billings in CSP in the previous 12 trailing months (regardless of transacting Partner).