Azure NetApp Files

The Azure NetApp Files service is an enterprise-class, high-performance, metered file storage service. Based on the same reliable NetApp technology that you used until now, it supports various workload types and is highly available by default. It is very fast to deploy and very easy to maintain, while reducing the CAPEX footprint.

With the widest choice of protocols in the public cloud (NFSv3, NFSv4.1, SMB3) and unparalleled performance, it is a solid choice for various workloads like File & Backup systems, Databases, SAP, containerized applications, and other workloads that rely on storage mounting technology, over multiple verticals and industries. You can mount vast amounts of storage across accounts and volumes and make them available both to Azure native and hybrid infrastructure and applications.

Being a first party solution, it is seamlessly integrated with the Azure portal, with all costs associated reflected in the same Azure billing cycle.






  • Points of presence in multiple Azure regions
  • ANF storage can be mount for Azure VMs/Applications, both on Windows and Linux protocols
  • Encrypted at rest by FIPS 140-2 standard
  • Three performance tiers (Standard, Premium, Ultra) to support all kinds of business scenarios
  • Hybrid connectivity with on-premises resources over VPN Gateways or ExpressRoute circuits
  • On the fly, scalable performance and storage, without downtime
  • Improved operational enablement via fast provisioning and a linear learning curve and onboarding
  • Move from CAPEX to OPEX by reducing the financial effort for provisioning and maintaining the same resources pool in a classic data center
  • Minimize needed changes for applications when migrating in the cloud

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